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Just some examples of breed sizes:


Small Dogs: Yorkshire Terrier - Toy Poodle - Shih Tzu - Pug - Lhasa Apso - Pomeranian - Bichon Frise

Medium Dogs: Cocker Spaniel - Schnauzer - Miniature Poodle - West Highland Terrier - Scottish Terrier

Large Dogs: Giant Schnauzer - Standard Poodle - Bouvier Des Flanders - Labradoodles

W H A T  W E  O F F E R

QUICK SERVICES (30 mins or less)

ears brush nails

Nail Clip

All £7

Ear Cleaning**

All £10

Brush Out

All £12

OUR MAIN SERVICES (1-3.5 hours)

puppylove handstrip fullgroom

Bath Indulgence

Small Dog: £15-£26

Medium Dog: £18-£28

Large Dog: £20-£30


Full Groom

Small Dog: £26-£36

Medium Dog : £30-£40

Large Dog: £36-£46

Puppy Love


  • Shampoo and conditioning

  • Blow-dry/ Fluff-dry

  • Pad trimming

  • Ear cleaning

  • Nail clipping

  • Spritz of cologne for the lads or perfume for the ladies

  • Bath Indulgence

  • Style and cut to your liking or breed standard

Ideal for new puppy owners

  • Bath & blow-dry

  • Nail clipping

  • Ear cleaning

  • Depending on the breed- some hair clipping

  • Grooming training for you dog

Hand Stripping

£30 per hour

Please note: This requires a clean coat at least 48 hours before service. If you require less time, a written consent form will need to be signed to advise otherwise. We also strongly advise not to bathe your dog at least 48 hours after also

** please note we do NOT insert anything into the ear canal. This includes plucking of hairs inside the canal

There will be a price increase from 1st Jan 2017.